H Street Reconstruction Project

Project Schedule and Phasing for H Street

The reconstruction for H Street continues to progress nicely.

The Street will remain open during continued utility work, but may have limited access at times. 

Phase 1 improvements on H Street began on April 2, 2018 are now complete. Although the roadway between 14th Street and 17th Street is open, it is limited to local access only as construction work continues (i.e., landscaping and sprinkler work).  There is no thru-fare.

Phase 2 improvements are now underway and run from 17th Street north to and including the South Entrance of JCH&L.  A dumpster is available at the Hospital South Parking Lot if residents need to use it.

As in Phase 1, mailboxes for Phase 2 will be temporarily moved/placed closer to the home (away from the construction area) by the contractor.

Alternative parking and access to each residence will be required.  Alternate parking ares for Phases 3,4  and 5 may include Jefferson Community Health & Life.

The reconstruction project will run from 14th Street to 27th Street (1 mile) and will consist of replacing and rebuilding the roadway's pavement, curb and gutter system, installing sewer infrastructure, and constructing sidewalks throughout the corridor.

This nearly $2.5 million reconstruction project will be financed with existing revenue sources and is planned to be completed in the fall of 2018.

The links below provide additional details:

  1. Laura Bedlan

    Assistant Street Superintendent