J Street Repairs-Update

The repairs on J Street are currently underway. The Council is expected to select a contractor to perform the asphalt removal and replacement on June 19 for completion of the project (Phase II). Completion of Phase II is expected to be on or before September 30, 2018.

Phase I involves utility and concrete repairs in the intersections

Phase II will involve the removal and replacement of asphalt. Because full asphalt replacement is planned in the near future, we temporarily rocked the locations where we worked and only plan to blacktop intersections where washout is a concern.

The overall project consists of:

  • Removing and replacing undersized storm sewer culverts and aging sewer lines in the intersections from 14th Street and J Street to 11th Street and J Street
  • Repairing damaged storm sewer inlets
  • Pouring concrete valley gutters through specific intersections to direct the heavy flows of storm water at these intersections
  • Installing ADA sidewalk ramps
  •  Removing the existing asphalt and replacing it with new 6” asphalt paving on J Street from 14th Street to 11th Street. This will include the entire intersection of 11th Street and J Street and may extend further south depending on the budget

We understand this may pose a temporary inconvenience to our citizens and appreciate your patience as we work towards completing the project.